My studio may be small, but my creative team is mighty.

When you work with me, you’ll get my professional design services plus my connection to a highly-skilled, freelance team of writers, photographers, web programmers, and printers. I call upon some very talented people when client projects need more than my design skills.

If you like the idea of your advertising created efficiently and amazingly—please meet a few of my helpers:

Copywriter Gail Trowbridge. On most projects, the best design solutions come from persuasive, intelligent writing and editing. My designs always benefit from having Gail Trowbridge involved. In fact, Gail and I share an office, phone number, and many wonderful clients. Learn more about our partnership here.

Photographers. Many clients and projects benefit from professional photography sessions. From traditional to nontraditional head shots, to product photos, to journalistic storytelling photos, I know the right person for the job. The photographers I work with will make it easy to get in front of the camera and get that fantastic portrait you’ve always wanted. I’ll let you know if your project would benefit from having custom photos and then connect you with the best photographer for the job. Once connected, I’ll continue to art direct your photos with that photographer so that we get exactly what we need for your design.

Web coding & development services. Designing for our digital era requires two different skill sets: creativity/communication (right brain) + coding (left brain). Sometimes the digital environment requires a level of coding that is extra complex—and I call my extra smart colleagues for assistance. My skill set focuses on creativity and communication, and includes site map and content planning, web project management, design, and basic WordPress development. When complex websites call for advanced programming, ecommerce solutions, interactive forms, or advanced SEO, I have expert helpers who I work with when needed to create winning websites.

Printers. I’ve spent 20 years designing for print and know where you’ll get your job printed perfectly, on time, and on budget. And I’ll help you determine exactly what that budget will be before you go to press. I work with printers both near and far, and with specialty vendors like book printers, sign printers, letterpress printers, and many other project-specific printers. From annual reports to yard signs to wedding invitations, I’ll guide you to the right place.