Duluth Rowing Club

The DRC is fundraising toward a $1 million capital campaign to build a new boathouse. They hired Sally to write and design print materials to tell their story and encourage donations. Sally also developed a simple website to capture online contributions via PayPal. The Club reached their goal and the new boathouse was completed.

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  • DRC-website
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Matinee Musicale

Matinee Musicale has been bringing world-class artists to Duluth for over 100 years and wanted a new logo and look to reflect the amazing musicians being showcased during their season. Sally developed a new and fresh visual brand that was rolled out to their concert season brochure, postcards, advertising and posters.

  • Matinee-Musicale-season-2016-17
  • Matinee-Musicale-postcards-2016-17
  • Matinee-Musicale-subscriber-2016-17
  • Matinee-Musicale-ads-2016-17

  • Sweet Pea Soapery Sally Rauschenfels Creative
  • Sweet-Pea-cedarwood
  • Sweet-Pea-soap2
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  • sweet-pea-soapery-website
  • sweet-pea-soapery-postcard
Jennifer DeLonay makes handmade soaps, spritzers, lip balms, and body butters. Her artisan products needed a labeling system for sales to regional shops. Sally designed a colorful system that worked across products and integrated names, scents and Jennifer’s existing logo. When Jennifer’s storefront closed in Washburn, Wisconsin, Sally designed and developed an e-commerce website and now Sweet Pea Products continue to be purchased online by Jennifer’s devoted customers.

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