Over the years, many clients have said really nice things about my design work.

I truly enjoy getting to know my clients and working through their design solutions. I’m a team player and an extrovert. I’m creative, but not crazy-creative.

Nancy Taggart, Director of Marketing/Public Relations, Community Memorial Hospital:

I have worked with Sally for nearly 20 years in my role as director of marketing and public relations for health care organizations. She is one of the most creative, professional, flexible and efficient individuals I have worked with during my career. It is a pleasure to know that I can always go to her with projects (large or small) and that she will respond rapidly, even if there are time constraints, and is always ready to help problem solve. She is a tremendous asset whenever she is involved.

Ellen O’Neill, Executive Director, YWCA:

Working with Sally on brochures for the YWCA and our programs was a wonderful experience. She was able to take the values, mission and work of the YWCA and capture them in language and images that really reflected what we do. She was easy to work with and gave us a great end product. We would work with her again in a minute!

Jennifer DeLonay, Soapmaker & Owner, Sweet Pea Soapery:

My soap bands arrived yesterday. I filled a small wholesale order just now, and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier. Actually, it made me cry.

Kevin Kelleher, Owner, Field Training Solutions:

I know nothing about graphics or web design. When I decided it was time to grow my business and create a website, I knew I needed help. Sally asked the right questions, and more importantly, listened to the answers. The website [she] built was truly a customized web-based reflection of what my company has to offer. It was a great experience—and a great product. We have gone back to [her] for additional projects.…Sally’s graphics make me look good!

Barb Olsen, Writer & Political Consultant:

I’ve worked with Sally Rauschenfels on many projects over almost a decade now—on print ads, websites, typeset letters, campaign literature, and more. I write the text and email it to her, and what comes back is consistently magical. She turns what could be a mundane bit of work into an effective piece that makes everyone associated with it look professional. And Sally is a dream to work with. She is wonderfully creative as a graphic artist, finishes projects on time and on budget, and is understanding and congenial as a working partner. There’s only one danger in working with Sally: You’ll get spoiled! Her professionalism, creativity, and effectiveness just can’t be matched.

Charlene Brown, Publisher, Clover Valley Press:

Thanks so much for doing this [book] cover for me and for Jen Wright. You just nailed it. We are having fun showing it off. It captures the setting and season, succeeds in unsettling the viewer, and maintains the style of the series…I’ve been thrilled with each new cover design….I look forward to working with you loads more in the future.

Barbara Darland, Marketing Director, Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra:

Working with Sally is a great experience! Not only does she bring her years of graphic design and keen eye to my multitude of projects, her solid attention to detail helps keep me on track. Her expertise in the most efficient and effective ways to market our concerts makes her an essential team player in our work products. Her positive attitude in the face of my many, multiple pressing deadlines is the much-needed calm in my days. Her strategic thinking and ability to “see” what I verbalize is also invaluable to me. I highly recommend Sally Rauschenfels and would be pleased to expand on my recommendation.

Rhonda Cory, Account Representative, ProPrint Duluth:

I have worked with Sally for years. She is extremely creative, the artwork she puts together for her clients is fresh and current. She understands the print process and knows what it takes to keep a project on schedule. Her files come in excellent order and are always ready to output to proof. Above all that, Sally is truly fun to work with. I would highly recommend her.

Gayle Coyer, Executive Director, Superior Hiking Trail Association:

It’s a joy working with Sally Rauschenfels. She has layed out five editions of our book, Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail, and did the layout on our 12-page newsletter, The Ridgeline, for many years. In addition, she has done special projects for us like a 44-page full color booklet of the Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth. I really appreciate the way she approaches a project. She helps me walk through the project and makes suggestions for things I might not have throught of and then lays out the decisions she needs from me in order to do the project. She also helps set realistic deadlines on when materials are due from me and when drafts and final copy are due to me from her. The results are always beautifully created materials and on time.

Gail Trowbridge, Gail Trowbridge Freelance Writing Services:

Sally and I have worked together for over ten years, and I don’t know what I would do without her! Many times, I have marveled at her wonderful graphic design talents and her marketing savvy. She always listens carefully to her clients and offers each client creative (and often, cost-saving) solutions specific to their particular project. The result is always a well-thought-out, beautifully designed marketing piece that works.

Andrew Slade, Author & Writer, various environmental nonprofits:

Sally turns chaos into beauty. She takes the roughest set of ideas and, firmly but gently, transforms them into a clear and attractive communication piece. Sally has designed many newsletters for me, and in the process made me a much better writer through the questions she asks and the formatting she creates. She is the book designer for There and Back Books, where she transforms my notes and sketches of trails or parks and then creates guidebooks that combine excellent graphics with highly useful and accessible information. When you work with Sally, expect to be asked questions you never thought to ask yourself, and to learn more about your product or mission in the process. She is way, way more than a graphic designer: she’s your essential creative partner.

Ann Wallin Harrington, Trainer & Consultant and President, Marvel Concepts:

Sally…I have depended on you and your graphic expertise! I have started two businesses and you have been an integral part of getting me launched with professional marketing materials. I particularly appreciate how you listened repeatedly (with amazing patience!) to my various brainstorms and helped me sort through options and decide on the approach best for my work. You asked questions to understand the mission and vision of my first company (including my love of the color red), and created a such a wonderful brochure, postcards, business cards and notecards that I still receive compliments on them.

I would recommend Sally Rauschenfels Creative without hesitation not only for the above reasons, but also because you are fun and easy to work with and respect your customers’ budgets and individual needs. I particularly like how you track your time and itemize tasks on your invoices. I never wonder what I am paying for. I also like your orderly and timely approach to the jobs you take on; your adaptability when things need to be changed; and how you value learning and always seem to be expanding your work in some new interesting direction. I am a satisfied customer who will be getting back to you as soon as I get my newest project through the FDA and have clearance to market it!