What is your brand personality?

What is your brand personality?

All design projects are a collaboration between client and designer, and the client’s thoughtful direction and input is an essential piece of that collaboration.

Clients, you need to spend time thinking about — and identifying — your business brand.

Without a brand, your business simply looks and feels like every other related business out there. And looking just like everyone else probably means you don’t stand out in any significant way. A brand helps your potential customer find you.

During the “discovery” phase of working together, your designer will need to understand your brand personality. This understanding will ultimately drive the creation of your logo, marketing materials, and website. “Brand personality” represents the visual look of your materials — colors, fonts, layout, amount of white space, stock photo choices, graphic style, etc. — and includes the tone of the words on the page (your content).

If you haven’t done so before, you’ll want to establish your brand personality.

Is your business rustic, stylish, playful, accomplished, earthy, elegant, eclectic, upscale, charming, honest, youthful, simple…or something else?

Every business owner or marketing director needs to be able to define their company’s brand. Once you’ve done so, all marketing efforts should reflect that defined brand for consistency and brand-building.


CMH prides itself on offering high-quality, independent healthcare options in a small-town, rural setting—a place where the natural environment is a big reason people choose to live and work in Cloquet. Their brand always keeps it “real,” and never feels corporate or impersonal.

Use the links/resources below to help identify your brand personality. Spend some time brainstorming with your partners or staff while you work through these exercises. Whether the exercises focus on words, archetypes or a style spectrum, they’ll all help you communicate your product or business.

Print these out, make your own notes, and share with your designer.  You’ll want to be able to articulate your brand when you talk about your new marketing project with any designer. And you’ll always want to create future marketing pieces that reflect and fit into your brand’s style.

Spend 30 minutes and hone your brand with these fun exercises: