Tell your story in pictures

Tell your story in pictures

If you’re an architect, illustrator, or photographer — or if you create or sell a product that you’d like to show off to the world — why not let a creative business card do the work for you?

Instead of printing plain (and predictable) business cards, print 2-sided cards that make people say “wow!”

Tell your story in pictures by using the back side of your card for visual expression. It’s inexpensive and fun.

I usually recommend that clients print 2-sided business cards, and I’ve always wanted an excuse to design for a Moo business card. These inexpensive cards can’t be beat for showing potential clients the scope of your work — they allow you to print a different image on each card. They come in packages of 50, 100, or 200 cards. You simply upload your images to be printed using either a Moo template or your own design. They even come with a cool business card holder.

Moo cards allow you to show the diversity and depth of your services or skills; they allow you to showcase your products, whether lovely floral arrangements or hand-made jewelry.

moo-mini-cardsMoo offers another nifty product called MiniCards, which are smaller than business cards and make an unusual, inexpensive mini-portfolio you can give away to clients and are also packaged with an attractive presentation case. If you don’t need a portfolio, use them to promote your website or blog, passing them out to friends and clients. Use your own images or use Moo’s images.

I subscribe to Moo’s business professional blog, where there is never a shortage of great resource articles for small business owners. In addition, the site offers many inspirational tidbits using real-life Moo customer ideas, all just a click away.

A picture is always worth a thousand words. Let your pictures tell your story.