Here’s to a wonderful creative partnership! Let’s get off on the right foot.

If we’re new to each other, I’ll probably suggest we schedule a complimentary 30-minute discussion. If you’re near Duluth a face-to-face meeting is preferred, but talking by phone, Facetime or Skype is always an option.

I hope you’ll reach out soon! or 218-213-5644

Your answers to the questions below will focus our conversation and help us both discover if we’re a good fit together. Please take a few minutes before we meet to review:


Basic business information:

  • Company name
  • Website, if applicable
  • What is your role?

What is your immediate design need?

(You might have more than one.)

  • Logo design/identity package (business card, letterhead, etc.)
  • Print project (brochure, newsletter, invitation, stationary package, direct mail campaign, etc.)
  • Website/blog design and development
  • Other?

Help me understand your marketing experience:

…I know exactly what I need and want, and just need help achieving it. I’ve done projects like this before and/or work with designers often.

…I kind of know what I want, could use some guidance, and am open to new ideas beyond what I know.

…I’m wide open; I have very little understanding of what I’m asking for and would like guidance and assistance during the design process. In other words, I haven’t really worked with a designer before and need to understand how we could work together.

Do you have a budget or budget range for your project, or do you need help in determining what your project will cost?

While it’s common that clients come for help without knowing what services will cost them, it’s helpful for me to understand whether you think this is a $500 project…a $1,000 project…or a $5,000 project, etc. Maybe you have a “not-to-exceed” dollar amount that is important to share with me right up front.

Once I understand the range of your budget, I can often scale your project to accommodate your bottom line and suggest design solutions to fit. But if you have no idea what kind of money you’ll need to spend, we’ll work through potential cost details right away before we begin working together. I’m used to creating advertising and marketing materials efficiently and amazingly…and on budget. You can learn more about how I work on this page.

pie-chart1Is there a date when you must have your project finished? If you don’t have a specific deadline, when do you hope to complete the project?

While the illustration at left is a fun reminder of the fast/cheap balance, I don’t know anyone who works more efficiently than I do. Because I’m a small shop, I carefully manage my workflow and never miss deadlines with clients. You can read what clients have said about their experiences of working with me here.

Tell me about your company & project. What do you do, or sell?